​​​​​​​​Released 2017

Football Managers Uncut​​​ -You Can't Say That!

​​​​​​​Vol 1: Back In The Day

Lawrie "The Saint" McMenemy, "Big" Ron Atkinson and Tommy "The Doc" Docherty recount amusing stories related to their time in the beautiful game and give brief overviews on football in the modern era.

Release date December 2016.


Men of The West

America 1860. A virgin bride leaves her lawman husband to stand alone against a rampaging sociopath. Two old timers get mixed up in a rush for gold that brings unexpected pitfalls and romance. A dream brings forth a former cavalry man seeking revenge. A homesteader woman’s  love for  two men and her son appears doomed.

The Last Rescue

a co-production with Sleeperwave Films


England 2045.  Post-Brexit apocalypse. A landslide election victory for the far right party THE THIRD WAY. Nothing will ever be the same. Based on the book of the same name.


( inc.Allestone Pictures, Allestone Films)  


co-production with Sleeperwave Inc

Mark is a long term convicted felon that befriends a San Quentin employee and embarks on a love affair that leads to an escape. He spends half a lifetime pursued by a relentless police lieutenant, whilst building a new life in a community that comes to love and respect him. 

He cannot return to jail as only one fate awaits.

A seasoned Muslim journalist and self-centred Hollywood action star form an unlikely alliance to smuggle children out of a besieged Syrian village.

Allestone draws on many years of combined experience in the entertainment industry. a 360 degree company which embraces film, music and sports productions.
Allestone's unique approach to film production is based on the very best in business ethics and financial responsibility while encouraging innovative and creative solutions.

The Allestone model has a core element of key personnel which is integral to it's success and to maintaining that success.

Here are some of Allestone's productions currently in development:


Jack The Ripper has murdered his last prostitute and his reign of terror is at an end. For
Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline of Scotland Yard it is a failure. Did his man take his own life? Is he incarcerated in a lunatic asylum? Who will ever know?
But fate has another case in store for the redoubtable Abberline, a case that will test his
resolve even more but in very different ways.
At 19 Cleveland Street, a discreet town-house just off Fitzroy Square, a brothel is operating.
Nothing unusual in that - London is full of brothels - but this has some unusual features.